About Us

We believe that the place where you’re about to spend the next few years of your life should be more than just, you know, accommodation. And how do we ensure that? Well, we deliver world-class living experiences through our high-quality, technology-enabled, service-led housing ecosystem so that you can forget about the little worries and focus on becoming the best version of you.

So that you walk out on the last day, a whole new person from the one who walked in on the first.

You know, we’ve been there too. We too did move out of our hometowns, leaving behind everything that was ours. We too have felt lost in the noise of a new city.

That’s why we created Stanza Living – a place designed by people who’ve been in your shoes. From the thickness of the mattress to the foosball table in the common area, you’ll feel that care in every nook and corner of the house.

And before you can say “I miss home”, Stanza Living will become your second one.